Introduce a platform that supports your hybrid delivery plans and support your institution through online and on-campus activities.

The Digital Campus

  • Device Agnostic – myday is accessible from any device or desktop and allows anytime, anywhere access.

The myday app provides a mobile experience for users on the move using a familiar and consistent experience. This allows users to access important content at any time from any location and from any device.

  • Customisable – Deliver a personalised student experience with multiple dashboards and targetable content.

myday enables the use of multiple dashboards so you can display different types of information to your users. Each dashboard can be targeted to a group or groups of users meaning you can have different dashboards for students, staff and other stakeholders. Utilising the in-built content management system you can create imaginative content banks to assist and direct your users improving their overall experience.

Advanced targeting and personalisation tools – Use native push notifications to advise your community on campus changes such as social distancing measures. Staff and students no longer need to be limited to emails to receive communications. Utilising the push notifications within myday saves budget on costly text messages or other messaging platforms when alerting your users to important information.

myday is a complete digital campus that is flexible enough to support all of your campus community whilst in both an online-only environment and on campus.  It enables you to offer a mix of face-to-face and online teaching and effectively communicate ever-changing changing social distancing measures across campus without relying on email.

Support your international and domestic students online and on campus and deliver their education in the best and safest way. You're already connecting with your prospective students via your virtual open days, now connect them to your campus  with myday.

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