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myday is a customisable Digital Campus that collects, displays and pushes information from disparate IT systems.  The myday platform leverages all existing IT investments by bringing them together onto one customisable tiled interface. Using the adaptable features, the platform allows you to execute targeted communications empowering your institute to recruit, engage, connect and retain both students and staff.


  • Communication - Amongst your staff and students
  • Organisation - Of resources
  • Access of IT resources - Keeping it simple and direct
  • Quality of your courses - Improving the delivery of content


Modern University students are tech-savvy and expect digital solutions in all aspects of their life, including academic. Ensuring your institution provides an innovative student experience will improve both retention and engagement figures.

myday is a proven platform that doesn't just improve student engagement and retention but overall ranking and performance too. Its digital platform and mobile app delivers a personal experience to all users (staff and students) and is optimised for phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

We firmly believe that the student experience is a huge part of educational life. Making sure that your students enjoy themselves with the  tools needed to succeed is essential.

Improve the communication between students and staff and increase engagement so your students to feel at ease.

myday dashboard and mobile2

  • Offer immediate cost savings - You can drive the utilisation of Office 365 as well as other products such as your VLE, Library and many more - leveraging the existing investments you have already made.
  • Increase engagement - Students can access the myday dashboard on any device, as a result they are more engaged and there are no barriers to efficient learning.
  • Update your systems - Bring together a host of ‘external’ sites and an out-dated intranet and deliver a user-friendly format via one myday log in.
  • Free up expensive resources - Don't commit staff and equipment to a ‘DIY’ approach, source from a supplier who’s already made a success of it.
  • Leverage existing internal skills and make it your own - myday comes complete with extensive out of the box functionality that gets you started but has extensibility.

Ease of implementation enables a quick deployment of a modern student experience delivery too.

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